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Alaska Materials

From the ground up, we have everything you need.

Mats: Rig, Crane, and Access
Boardwalk & Board Roads - All Materials
    Hardened Trails-Diamond Grid-2 sizes
Lumber Products
    All Species/All Grades
    Studs/Boards/Crane Mats
    Pallets HT-New/Used #1/#2
Treated Products
    ALL Treatments/TSO
    Engineered Wood/GLB
    RR Ties/Bridge Timbers
    Poles/ Pilings
Plywood Products
    Rated Plywood/OSB Sheathing
    Underlayment/T&G/Marine Grade
    Concrete Forming/MDO/HDO/BBX-OES
    Exterior Sheathing/Densglass/GlasRoc
Engineered Wood
    Glulam Beams/LSL Lumber
    PSL/Parallam/Scaffold Plank
Siding (Full Line)
    Wood, Vinyl, & Metal
Metal Roofing, Siding, Panels
    (Full Line including Insulated Metal)
Roofing Products
    Composition, Rolled Felt, Ice & Water Shield
Light Gauge Metal
    (Full Line) Metal Studs
Insulation (Full Line)
    Fiberglass Batt/Rolls
    XPS: Extruded Polystyrene
    EPS: Expanded Polystyrene
    Spray & Pour Foam
    House Wrap & Vapor Barrier,
    4, 6, 8, 10 Mil & Reinforced (All Sizes)
    SIP’s -Insulated Panels
    Plain Core, Type-X, Fire Rated, Water Resistant, GYP Sheathing, Non- Treated Core & Treated Core, Dens-Deck, Dens-Shield, Mud Tape & Corner Bead
    Vinyl Covered Sheetrock
Caulking, Sealants, & Adhesives
    (Full Line)
Architectural Products Millwork
    Doors: Hollow Metal/Wood/Frames
    Cabinets -Valley Line (Full Line)
    Molding (Full Line)
    Architectural Hardware
    Bath Accessories/Partitions
    FRP Panels/Acoustical Ceiling
    Lockers, Shelving /Components
    Nails, Screws. Nuts & Bolts
    Flashings & Expansion Joint Material
    Simpson Products (Full Line)
    Roof Hatches, Access Doors
Hardened Trails (example project) Mekoryuk, Alaska Board Roads (example project) Nunapitchuk, Alaska Board Roads (example project) Chefornak, Alaska