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SIP & Rigid Foam
R-Control SIPs

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Alaska Materials R-Control SIP roof, wall, and floor panels are produced using 8’ wide and up to 24' long precision fabricated panels. Our products are used in many single-family, multi-family, commercial, and institutional applications. The R-Control system is a faster, stronger, greener way to build and meets the demands of ICC-ES, IECC 2012, NTA, PSF, and UL. FSC OSB, termite and mold and mildew resistant panels are available on request. R-Control SIPs will help you achieve the most energy efficient and time efficient building practice. We provide you the framing, sheathing, and insulation in a one-step application. Building with R-Control SIPs reduces on site labor and provides unmatched energy savings while meeting today’s strict energy code requirements!

When you specify R-Control SIPs FrameGuard Coated, there is built-in protection against future costly repairs due to mold, fungal decay, and termites. From the time the building materials arrive on the job site, throughout construction and after occupancy of the structure, FrameGuard Coating continues to protect the R-Control SIP structure and the owner’s investment. Using FrameGuard Coated R-Control SIPs and wood components makes good economic sense.

R-Control SIPs FrameGuard Coated Brochure
Green for all the Right Reasons
Technical Bulletin 2070: Mold Resistant SIPs – FrameGuard Coating
Foam-Control EPS and R-Control SIPs mean control, not compromise for energy savings, quality, comfort, and the strength of your project. Foam-Control EPS.

Alaska Materials provides Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products and R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). We also provide Foam-Control EPS brand products for insulation, ICF, continuous wall insulations, Geofoam, flat and taper roof insulation, protective packaging, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Rigid Foam (XPS & EPS)

Foam-Control EPS means control, not compromise.

Foam-Control EPS is engineered to give you the greatest possible control for your project application: from design and timelines, to materials and costs, and —ultimately—control over your results. Foam-Control EPS includes an ingredient you won’t find in other EPS products: Control.

Whatever your need, Foam-Control EPS is your solution.

Foam-Control EPS is the leader in providing products for construction, geotechnical, industrial, and packaging applications. Foam-Control EPS is a lightweight yet strong material that gives architects, designers and builders the freedom and confidence to turn their visions into reality. Foam-Control EPS insulation products are available in a range of densities necessary to provide energy efficiency, structural integrity, and cost effectiveness.

In packaging and OEM products, quality begins with the foam: Foam-Control EPS. Foam-Control EPS gives you control over the performance of your packaging and products. Foam-Control EPS provides the thermal, cushioning, strength and lightweight qualities that enhance your product’s performance.

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