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Alaska Materials works with all carriers, making it easy with ‘ALL IN’ delivered pricing to any location. Each and every order is ‘line item specific’, so you can verify exactly what you’re getting. There’s never any hidden fees, costs, or charges.

Marine Shipping

Steamships, tugs, barges, and pulling and pushing cargo in stormy seas are as much a part of the American maritime tradition and marine ethos as “deadliest catch” commercial fishing and the prominence of the country’s US Coast Guard protecting domestic waters.

The steamship, tug and barge industry touches every single person’s life in Alaska because of the spectrum of deliveries brought to and taken from Alaska, foundational to commerce at all levels.
Alaska Marine Shippers

ports Anchorage Cordova Ketchikan Wrangell Petersburg Sitka Juneau Metlakatla Skagway Haines Valdez Seward Kodiak King Cove Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Bethel Nome Kotzebue Utqiaġvik Prudhoe Bay