Alaska Materials | Wood Products
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Wood Products    All Species, Grades, & Sizes - Rough to S4S
timber Timbers
    Lengths from 8’- 26’
    Rough: to 16" x 24"
    Surfaced: to 12" x 16"
    Custom Drying
lumber Lumber
    Douglas Fir / Hem Fir
    Dimension / Framing
    Structural / Stress Rated
    Studs: Kiln Dried / Pre-Cut
treated Treated
    Lumber / Dimension / Beams
    Plywood / Underlayment
    Engineered Wood / Glulam
    Railroad Ties / Poles / Pilings
Treating Service Only (TSO)
    All Treatment Types
    Incising / Non-incising
    KDAT / Custom Drying

Treated Wood
Concrete Forming
Green Douglas-fir, 2x4 through 2x12, 3x4 through 6x12, BBX, MDO, HDO and Industrial

Kiln-dried studs, pre-cut header packages, gypsum sheathing, OSB, and underlayment. All sizes of LVL, LSL, PSL, and I-joists. Western Red Cedar and primed whitewood in sidings, fascia, and trim.
Glulam and Timber Fabrication
This includes drilling, trimming, and the assembly of treated members. Examples of available products include: tunnel lagging, crane mats, bridge timbers, floats, railroad ties, docks and piers, guard rail posts, piling, GLB and timber trusses, keel blocks, special crates, and truck bed lumber. To include: dap, adze, bore, cant, cut curves, dado and trim when required prior to preservative treatments.