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Alaska Materials selected by Diamond Grid USA

March 12, 2020

ANCHORAGE: Alaska Materials president John Horjes, has announced a “Master Distribution Agreement” with Diamond Grid USA.

The agreement is exclusive to develop the State of Alaska, and provides an open door to further development in the lower 48 states.

Horjes stated, this is an example of how Alaska Materials serves as a platform for strategic alliances, and new product development. We will best serve Alaska and Diamond Grid through distribution, and work with the many companies already here in Alaska.

Diamond Grid is “Made In USA”, other countries, and is a Global Market Leader in Surface Stabilization and Erosion Control Systems. Founded in Australia, their clients include the three largest mining companies in Australia, leading construction companies, and government entities. Since its beginnings, it’s been a natural progression that Diamond Grid bring their high quality manufacturing, products, and services to the United States.

For more information download Diamond Grid Spec Sheet

Diamond Grid USA welcomes John Horjes to its team

July 26, 2020